That was great! You really engaged the audience big-time and we got so much out of it!
— Attendee, Digital Conference.
Brilliant! Exactly what we needed and I keep getting lots of really positive comments from people.
— Director of Investment, Economic Advisory

An Experienced, Engaging Communicator for Your Event

Watch time: 66 sec

Without hesitation, I would recommend Rob. He brought clarity of thought and clear facilitation to (our) leadership team environment.
— Commercial Director, Healthcare

Recent Talks

Here is a sample of talks developed and delivered for clients over recent months. The settings ranged from association meetings of 15 people, to off-sites for larger groups, to conferences of over 150. All my talks are tailored to the audience and the specific outcomes needed for the event. 

And, as you can see below, I take a lot of care to use great graphics that reinforce key messages.

Let's face it, most presenters are not good, and most presentations are awful. This humorous talk exposes why, and explains what you can do about it.

  • Why slides with bullets are dead

  • What your audience really wants to hear

  • How to be remembered (for the right reasons!)

  • 10 tips for presenting like a professional.

Growth happens on the edge of comfort and chaos. This talk challenges people to go there personally and professionally.

  • Why your comfort zone exists

  • Why it's bad to stay there for too long

  • How to change your mental model

  • Strategies for making yourself go further.

There's a lot of talk and messages out there but what you really need is influence. How do you cut through?

  • The only two things decision-makers actually want

  • How to use Client GPS to nail the real issue

  • Why conviction is better than facts

  • How to cut to the chase

  • How to be compelling and convincing.

Organisational changes come thick and fast. The best people can navigate this environment, and even thrive on it!

  • Why change should be welcomed by everyone

  • What's going in you on when change occurs

  • The three key approaches you can take

  • Seven strategies to navigate change well.

What I Promise You

This is what you can expect from me when working together for your event:

  • Easy to work with

  • Professional approach - fully prepared

  • Totally reliable

  • A tailored, relevant message that links to your objectives

  • Engaging delivery with a touch of humour and relevant, real stories

  • Keeping to time

  • Being available before and after the presentation to talk with attendees.

Sound Good? Get in Touch

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