008 - The First Thing You MUST Do to be More Productive


You'll Learn:

  • Why we are always wanting to feel more productive
  • The initial problem you have to solve
  • How to take more control of what's on your plate.


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Want more time in your day? Want to get more of the important things done? Then you may need to implement the very useful strategy I outline in this cast.

If you're like most of the people on my list, you want to be more productive. You know, get more done with less time and effort. It's a great idea, but why is it so hard to accomplish consistently?

Well, chances are you’re probably doing far too much. That’s why you’ll be feeling overloaded, overwhelmed or just frustrated that you can’t make the progress you want. 

Instead of spending time advancing the most important things in your life, like family, friends, a new venture or a major change, you’re probably juggling too many balls. 

Running around like a flea in a fit, or at least ending the week collapsed in a chair, exhausted.

Isn’t it time to get a hold of things? Take more control? Get into the driver’s seat?

Here’s what I suggest you do first:

Stop something now. 

Yes, stop.

What I mean is, stop spending your time on tasks that:

  • Get you nowhere
  • Frustrate you
  • Are low value
  • You don’t really need to do.

Free up some of your time to improve your life and work. 

How to Go About it

When you're ready, block out 30 minutes.

Think about your typical day and/or typical week.

Identify any task you do (whether personal or work-related) that you don’t like doing for whatever reason, or that doesn’t add real value to your life. Examples might be:       

  • Attending useless meetings
  • Being on a committee that gets nowhere
  • Reading boring books
  • Watching too much TV
  • Doing the teenager’s lunches
  • Surfing Facebook or Instagram too much
  • Having endless coffees with people
  • Running around after others - family or friends
  • Getting too many emails into your inbox

Ask yourself, “Could I stop doing it without anything major happening?”

If so, determine to stop it now.

Whatever the decision, take the appropriate action. That may involve:

  • Resigning via phone call or email
  • Deciding simply not to accept the invite
  • Deleting the event or task out of your calendar or to-do list
  • Packing stuff up into a box and storing it out of sight (for now)
  • Turning off the device
  • Unsubscribing from memberships, newsletters or notifications you don't need.

Now, doesn’t that feel a whole lot better? Like you’re more in control? 

In a Nutshell

The first thing you must do to be more productive is... decide what to stop and stop them. Now.

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Have a great week.