005 - Win More Client Work With This Simple Email

This episode is specifically for you if you need to find and win new client work.


What You'll Learn:

  • Why clients forget about you
  • Why old ideas get new life
  • How to approach people to re-ignite possibilities.


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If you need to get more clients, they may be closer than you think. In this episode, I share an approach using a short email that might just do the trick in some cases.

This tip is all about how to find more client work by understanding a trait of human nature, remembering a fundamental reality of work, and taking a simple approach via email that I learned from Ian Brodie in the UK (link provided below).

It's Human Nature

Everyone forgets things. It may have something to do with our modern tendency to cram a lot into our lives and therefore just make it hard for our minds to recall information.

Unless we use tools to help us remember things (like to-do lists, reminders or electronic notes for example), when life and work get full, we're more likely to forget.

Your clients are no different. 

Even though they know you and what you do, if you haven't been in touch for a while they might simply forget about you and what you offer. 

A Reality of Work

Even though a potential client may have said no in the past, it doesn't mean they'd say no all the time in the future. And that's because needs change over time. 

Where once they saw no need for your services, a situation may have come up that changes that. 

Now they may need them.

If they remember your offer, or a previous discussion or proposal, they may call you to discuss it again. This time under new circumstances.

But if not, you'll need to be proactive in following through to see if things have changed.

The Simple Approach

One way of doing this is to send a brief email that touches base and reignites a previous proposal or discussion.

All you're doing is seeing whether their circumstances and needs have changed.

Something like this can work:

Hi Mark.

It's been a while since we discussed that proposal for helping your team develop their executive presence with clients. Are you still keen?

Thought you might be interested in this: <link to a relevant pdf, site or article>

Would you like to grab a coffee and talk some more about it?


It's important to:
    •    Identify who you've had a previous proposal or specific discussion with
    •    Use email
    •    Keep it short and to the point (they're busy, right?)
    •    Mention the need again
    •    Offer something of value
    •    Ask if they'd be keen to meet.

That's it. Short, simple and to the point.

The worst they can do is ignore it or say no.

But, they might have since changed their mind, and you could win some client work.

In a Nutshell

Because clients forget, and their needs change, use a simple email to:
    1.    Get back in touch
    2.    Re-ignite a previous discussion or proposal
    3.    Offer value
    4.    Ask for a coffee.

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