I would recommend Rob to any business or individual who is looking to build leadership capability - he is vastly experienced in his field and has lead a full and rich life which I believe gives Rob the edge as a coach and mentor.
— Scott, Risk & Insurance Area Manager

Coaching for Individuals

If you need coaching for specific issues or challenges you need help with, then individual coaching would suit. This is one-on-one coaching in 90-minute sessions spaced over two to six months, depending on the need.

Typically, they're face-to-face, via Skype or even on the phone.

I'm currently coaching professionals on:

Productivity & team leadership: How to manage their emails, calls and drop-ins at the office so they can get more traction and see better outcomes.

Influencing your promotion: How to prepare for new, senior roles they want to go for in the business and what will get them on the radar screen.

Presenting confidently and with real presence: How to enhance the relevance, clarity and impact of their message and the way they present it, while maintaining their authenticity.

These sessions are often paid for by the organisation, but can be paid for personally.

I found greater impact in front of colleagues and clients and look forward to further developing these skills. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob, it will be one of the best investments you can make in your career.
— James, Senior Manager, Institutional Banking

Bespoke Programmes

When there is a group of people who need similar development, a group programme is best. This is often a combination of short, targeted workshops followed by paired or individual follow-ups. This ensures accountability, traction and progress over time, which is a much more realistic way of doing things.

I would develop a bespoke programme that deals with the spefiifc issues you want, whether that is enhancing communication, influence, leadership or presenting.

Currently, I'm helping clients with:

Improving influence: Turning technical, data-based information into insights and stories that make sense to stakeholders and clients.

Leading through better delegation and feedback: Leveraging the team's expertise and profitability, by knowing how to delegate effectively and provide on-the-job support to colleagues.

Coaching teams on the job: Knowing how to provide effective sales management and support through understanding people & performance, coaching simply and effectively, and easily giving useful feedback.

Rob and I have been working together to improve my communication style in senior leadership situations. He does this my giving me opportunities to practice difficult conversations and giving me in the moment feedback. This has given me significantly more confidence to read situations and navigate them more successfully.
— Kari, Senior Manager, Airline

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