About Rob Bialostocki

 Passionate about living a life and doing work that matters.

In case we haven't met yet...

I can't help myself - I have a passion for learning and gaining simple wisdom, and then inspiring others with it so they can live a life and do work that matters.

I speak about clarity, communication and leadership to inspire people to do work that matters. I also coach professionals to communicate clearly, simply and powerfully.

Recently, that's included:

  • Coaching a top banker in how to be more confident and deliver messages that have real impact
  • Facilitating an off-site for a pharmaceutical team to enhance their conversation skills with customers and third parties
  • Speaking at a Data & Analytics conference to inspire people to tell stories, not just share information
  • Training and coaching a technical team to have more influence in their organisation
  • Teaching professional supervision skills to new leaders in a law firm.


I'm a professionally trained teacher and broadcaster, have tertiary qualifications in teaching, science and organisational leadership, and have worked in corporates and professional service firms for the past 20 years from my base in Auckland, New Zealand. I've worked for myself as a consultant, coach and speaker since 2007.


"I would recommend Rob to any business or person...he is vastly experienced in his field and has lead a full and rich life, which I believe gives Rob the edge as a coach and mentor." (Insurance sales leader)

"I went from having a blasé approach to presenting, to delivering a structured, engaging and interactive workshop that resulted in extremely positive feedback from the participants." (Legal HR leader)

"It has been a pleasure working with you, and you have helped to shape our team to achieve a great deal more - thanks." (Banking leader)

"Brilliant! Exactly what I hoped for. The day couldn't have gone better!" (Pharmaceutical sales leader)


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